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Sam and Matt

Sam Mercer Game Designer 2014Since his recent birth Sam Mercer has loved games as a way to meet new people. A veteran of both digital and analogue games, Sam actively seeks out communities that share a common interest. After throwing himself into the Board Game Designers Forum he quickly found a healthy online community in designers forums as a positive force in tricky work-in-progress and ideas threads. This led to meet-ups with a few like-minded regulars to bash together ideas.

Sam is a bit of a design magpie: he likes bright and attractive things and is easily distracted. He likes theme-rich games with lovely chrome and social interaction. Anything where you sit in silence for three hours considering a spreadsheet in unlikely to leave him smiling. You can, however, trade cockroaches with him, convince him that you are not a witch and make him over-invest in plastic zebra until the early hours. This is expressed in his design: fun is always at the forefront.

Matt Green Game Designer 2014Matt Green is all about the game. There is nothing more. Having developed his exacting and replete game tastes as a Wizards of the Coast demo monkey, a semi-serious V:TES contender and a seasoned Magic player, Matt has refined the ability to ‘game’ anything from Loopin’ Louie to doing the dishes.

Heading just over the crest of youth, Matt now finds his insatiable appetite acknowledging the family game with more vigor than he used to. Social interaction (be it nefarious or otherwise) is at an all time high; manifesting in a love of games built on high level skill, bluffing, and table talk.

 A perfect night with Matt would be made up by good food, a cool glass of beer, and 3 hours of savage and exhausting gamery underpinned by a little British cynicism and a barrel of whimsical humour.

Sam and Matt combine, Voltron style, to form ExPlay Games: a curiously surreal
design partnership that loves tokens, krakens and the colour beige.